Chlorinated-rubber-paint-for-steel, chlorinated rubber paint is a general purpose coating that can be used for interior and exterior applications, from road markings to swimming pools and everything in between. it can be painted on a variety of surfaces, including metal, concrete, road surfaces and manhole covers, and dries within a matter of hours.. Chlorinated rubber paint (cr paint) generic type: single pack chlorinated rubber finish paint intended use: protection of steel & concrete structure in coastal and chemical environment. the coating renders tough glossy finish with high reisitance to moisture penetration, fungus growth, fumes and spillage of most acids & chemicals., chlorinated rubber anticorrosion primer paint for steel and boat , find complete details about chlorinated rubber anticorrosion primer paint for steel and boat,chlorinated rubber paint,boat-paint,chlorinated rubber coating from appliance paint supplier or manufacturer-zhengzhou dacheng paint co., ltd..

Chlorinated rubber base paint is suitable for application to most buildings and structural materials such as iron, steel, copper, zinc, aluminum, wood, concrete, plaster and brick. it should be used to protect such surfaces whenever they are exposed to the following conditions:, chlorinated rubber is a nonflammable white powder chemical substance that is formed by reacting carbon tetrachloride with chlorine. it has increased hardness and decreased reactivity with most chemicals, making it ideal for use as a protective barrier against corrosion on metal surfaces..

Chlorinated rubber swimming pool paint is a chlorinated rubber coating for new or old in-ground masonry pools. it provides excellent chemical resistance and is durable in fresh or salt water, and also acceptable for use in chlorinated pools., design features a conventional chlorinated rubber based anti-fouling suitable for use on a variety of hulls, e.g. steel, aluminium, wood etc. highly active biocides package that gives an expected anti-fouling protection of up to 18 months or more..

Chlorinated rubber (cr) are physically drying paints. they are widely used as industrial coatings in chemical plants, refineries, tank farms, bridges etc. cr has very good resistance to water and has traditionally been used on ships and other marine structures both above and below the waterline., our chemical resistant paint and coatings offer protection to concrete, cementitious mortars and rendering, metal, timber, asbestos, and more in a wide range of chemical processing environments and against chemicals comes in various guises around the workplace every day, from protective clothing, storage of chemicals, protecting bunded areas from accidental spillage, etc..

The choices of paint systems on galvanised metal will depend upon both the application and service environment. with the decline in the use of chlorinated rubber and alkyd paints, high-build epoxy products and vinyl/vinyl co-polymer systems are increasingly utilised with glass reinforced epoxy being an option for more severe environments.