Chlorinated-rubber-paint-thinner, thinning and mixing plascon chlorinated rubber paint thinner for brushing, use synthetic thinner for spraying. equipment cleaning clean the equipment immediately after use with chlorinated rubber paint thinner. drying time 6 hours colour range available in selected pastel shades. spreading capacity 9-11m2 per litre @40 microns d.f.t. Product description. a hardwearing, chemical resistant finish for use in laboratories, chemical factories, breweries, dairies, food factories and bottling plants, hospitals, clinics etc., hwatsi chemical pvt. ltd. is a leading manufacturer exporter & supplier of chlorinated rubber paint thinner in mumbai maharashtra india, exporter of chlorinated rubber paint thinner in maharashtra, wholesale chlorinated rubber paint thinner supplier in mumbai, chlorinated rubber paint thinner manufacturing company in india..

The ramuc paint thinner is formulated for use with type a chlorinated rubber based and type ep high buld epoxy based paints. it wont leave behind any mess, bumps, or streaks., manufacturer & exporters of chlorinated rubber paint thinner in mumbai india. hwatsi chemical pvt. ltd. offering fine quality chlorinated rubber paint thinner at affordable price. | id - 3721468. Chlorinated rubber thinner is a aromatic hydrocarbon based solvent with moderate evaporation rate. it provides relatively fast initial flash off allowing for better vertical holdup. can be used as thinner for chlorinated rubber based solvent based paints and other solvent based paints as specified in the relevant product., revision date: 26/02/2018 revision: 6.0 supersedes date: 15/04/2016 safety data sheet 600/v607 - chlorinated rubber thinners according to regulation (ec) no 1907/2006, annex ii, as amended..

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Chlorinated rubber paint thinner 0 61,300 0 12,900 0 0 two pack polyurethane 0 61,300 0 16,200 0 0 super high gloss thinner 289,800 73,800 0 16,600 0 0 road marking thinner 234,500 59,900 0 13,500 0 0 plascryl thinner 256,300 68,200 0 15,100 0 0 xylene 243,900 65,900 0 14,500 0 0 microporous thinner 0 126,300 0 31,600 0 0 marine finishes ...